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Wernigerode castle / detail Fountain courtyard (Wernigerode 14.04.2017)
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City trips Brüssel Amsterdam Gent 2015
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Barberini Museum

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Multimillionaire, donors and patrons Prof. Dr. h. c. mult. Hasso Plattner / Press conference on "Barberini opening". (Potsdam 19.01.2017)
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After 960 days and 60 countries, Heidi Hetzer returns from her trip to the vintage car. FACEGARDEN® cordially congratulates you on the successful round-the-world tour. (Berlin, 12.03.2017)
Panoramaportrait in MOSAPAINT-Technik®
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Image transfer to Heidi Hetzer to 70th


Project sketches. Industriesalon. (Berlin Oberschöneweide 18.02.2017)
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Palast-Talk 3

("La Diva Lounge" at the Friedrichstadt-Palace Berlin / 01.02.2017)
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Christoph Hoffmann, Moderator RTL II News & Head of Department Germany
Dr. Berndt Schmidt, Intendant Friedrichstadt-Palace
Lea Rosh, Journalist, author and publicist
Margot Friedlander, Tyne & Survivors of the Holocaust
André Schmitz, Chairman of the Board of the Schwarzkopf-Stiftung Junges Europa
(from left)
discussed how to deal with undifferentiated hatred, the choice of words and means, the reproach of the lie press, and the ability of the individual to oppose the enemies of freedom and democracy.

Malakhov & Friends

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Ballet Criticism
"Malakhov & Friends"
in the Admirals Palace of Berlin

by Hartmut Regitz

If the spectators had the choice to nominate their own ballet director, the name of Sasha Waltz would not have fallen, and the Swedish Ballet Director Johannes Öhman will be the director of the Staatsballett Berlin in three years. Rather another.


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PhotoCall Friedrichstadtpalace for the new show "THE ONE" (Berlin 28.09.2016)
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(Pre-release with permission of the lifestyle magazine "Friedmann´s Revue")

Press comments on the Grand Show "THE ONE":

"Eine gigantische Show" arte
"Ein Wahnsinn" RTL Nachtjournal
"Get a ticket" The Irish Times
"Opulente Bilder und grandiose Effekte" Gala

Background information by André Puchta (Director Communication Friedrichstadt-Palace Berlin):
Article in Russian lifestyle magazine "Friedmanns Revue":
both articles here:

Strong performance. Conchita Wurst.
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