Litemotiv 190 by Elinchrom

Photosession with Shootingstar Denis Rodkin (Dancer at the Bolshoi Theater Moscow) in the FACEGARDEN®. (Berlin, 03.09.2016)
© Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®

Portrait shoot with star dancer Vladimir Malakhov in the FACEGARDEN® (Berlin 15.05.2016)
© Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®

The FACEGARDEN® is now 16 * (since October 10, 2000)
and has a new studiolight.
We call it "FELLINI-DOM": light for characters.
... others say it is the largest bedside lamp in the world.
But see for yourself:



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PhotoCall Friedrichstadtpalace for the new show "THE ONE" (Berlin 28.09.2016)
© Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®
(Pre-release with permission of the lifestyle magazine "Friedmann´s Revue")

Two in One at "THE ONE": A dancer of the show on the stage and then at the after work party in the palace.
© Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®

Strong performance. Conchita Wurst.
© Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®


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Portrait Jenny (Berlin 29.12.2016)
© Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®

Photoshooting with Rita Gueli (finalist at "The Voice Kids") in the FACEGARDEN® 2013.

Photoshooting with Dr. Irina Dadiani for image ad in lifestyle magazine
Berlin, 06.02.2013


On behalf of "Legend of Kremlin - Vodka"

Commissioned work for KPM Berlin


Contract work for the company ORCO - GSG Berlin


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Wernigerode castle / detail Fountain courtyard (Wernigerode 14.04.2017)
© Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®

City trips Brüssel Amsterdam Gent 2015
© Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®


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Jo Berghammer photographed the world premiere of the grand show "THE ONE" in the Friedrichstadt-Palast for Russian lifestyle magazine.
(Berlin 6.10.2016)