(Milestones in the Evolution PORSCHE with air-cooled engines)

Porsche Carrera RS Coupe 92 U.S. export model. A licensed by Porsche AG Design Edition.

Evolution successful model series 356, 911, 964, 993 with aircooled motors.
These develop the legendary sound for connoisseurs. The "family sound" in an image. In this form, a novelty.
This results in the title of the image by the artist stylishly decorated in the colors red, black and gray work, "Airvolution".

A classic for true lovers from the "PORSCHE History", which is expanded.

In format segment 120 x 60 cm You can choose your favorite number., Which is fixed in the signature,
from. to 911 pcs worldwide limited edition choose.
(Lucky- or clever number, age of the person receiving this gift Porsche fans, house number, anniversary ... The stat of any kind: the fantasy
in this respect are no limits - except for the already assigned numbers -. set) The watermark is not part of the subject.

Exhibition at Meilenwerk Berlin

120 x 60 cm as a premium glass version

220 x 110 cm in Halbe magnetic frame

Extension license agreement between PORSCHE AG / FACEGARDEN® (Stuttgart / Berlin 29.08.2016)
© Jo Berghammer / FACEGARDEN®

Exhibition at the Porsche Zentrum Berlin

"MOSAPAINT® Your world - one picture"

(source: PORSCHE WebSite)